Rev. Ryan Allmon

Rev. Ryan Allmon

Ryan Virgil Allmon Sr. was born January 12, 1987 to Lois S. Allmon and the late Richard V. Allmon Sr. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He received the gift of the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus name in 1996 at the age of nine at Full Gospel United Pentecostal Church, where his father was the pastor.  Ryan has always had a burden for souls and a passion for the city of Baton Rouge. He began, at the age of fourteen, teaching bible studies to his teacher and some of his classmates while staying involved in school activities. In college, he continued teaching bible studies on Louisiana State University’s campus, Baton Rouge Community College as well as Southern University where he marched in the band his freshman year.  After receiving his Associates’ degree in Liberal Art’s from Baton Rouge Community College, on January 8, 2008 Ryan joined the United States Air force.  Immediately following his technical training as a Fuel Tank Maintainer for the Air force, Ryan and Brittany Stewart were married April 26, 2008 and are the proud parents of three children Samara Ann Allmon, Ryan Virgil Allmon Jr., and Bryant Richard Allmon. Two weeks following their marriage Ryan begin their first tour of duty in Aviano Italy, 2008-2011. During the time period Ryan and his wife were stationed in Italy, he taught many bible studies to fellow airmen and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ to many Italians. He also was used by the chapel services to preach in the Gospel services held on base. Many received the gift of the Holy Ghost and were baptized in the name of Jesus wherever water was available, a lake in Sweden, Lake Barcis (Italy), even in bath tubs. In 2011, Ryan and his family were assigned to Shaw Air force base in South Carolina to complete his last active duty tour.While in South Carolina, Ryan attended First United Pentecostal Church of Sumter under the leadership of pastor and first lady Thereon and Tanya Smith with the blessings of his father/pastor, Richard Allmon Sr.

In South Carolina, Ryan also began Disciple Now at First UPC of Sumter, a ministry that teaches youth and young adults how to be affective in outreach, sensitive to God, and aid in the establishment of new believers. Ryan continued to follow his call to the ministry and became a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church International in September of 2011. By the end of Ryan’s four year enlistment, his thirst for knowledge lead him to attain an Assocates degree in Aviation Maintance Technology from Air force University as well as a Bachelors degree from Liberty University in Biblical Theology.  On March 30, 2012 Ryan, along with his wife and children returned to Baton Rouge, La at conclusion of his active duty military career to assist his pastor and first lady Richard and Lois Allmon in ministry. Two weeks following his returning home Ryan’s father/pastor Richard V. Allmon Sr. finished his course here on earth and the Lord called him home April 15, 2012 at the conclusion of preaching his last message “I’ve done enough already” at Full Gospel UPC. On May 30, 2012 Ryan V Allmon Sr. was elected pastor of Full Gospel UPC to fill the vacates left by the passing of his father Bishop Richard Allmon Sr. Pastor Ryan Allmon will continue to build on the firm foundation laid by his father with wisdom and the help of the Lord. Pastor Ryan is determine to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, repentance, water baptism in Jesus name, the infilling of the Holy Ghost, holy living and evangelism as a lifestyle.

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